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Sistema antirronquidos Aposbuc

Sleep well, sleep in silence

Aposbuc® es un nuevo concepto antirronquidos cuya principal virtud es que actúa simultáneamente como dilatador nasal y como alineador mandibular, confiriéndole así una mayor eficacia y un rango de acción que otro tipo de dispositivos antirronquidos.

Aposbuc® es un método cómodo, fácil de usar y desechable y te ayudará a reducir tanto la frecuencia como la intensidad (sonoridad) de los ronquidos, para que puedas dormir bien y en silencio.


Stop snoring … It’s worth it!

Stopping snoring has benefits which improve our quality of life and that of those around us.

3 good reasons why stopping snoring is worthwhile:


Do it for your quality of life

It is unquestionable that as human beings we need to sleep well in order to fulfill our potential.


Do it for your partner

It is well known that snoring can negatively affect relationships, but perhaps what really matters is that we are aware of how our snoring affects the mental and physical health of the one we love.


Do it for your health

Snoring is an affliction affecting millions of people around the world, and it can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, an syndrome that prevents the sufferer from sleeping restfully and is often directly related to a number of serious illnesses.

  • Great product. I sleep well and my wife is very pleased. Thank you!
    Chronic snorer – Over 1 year of use
  • Once it’s on, you completely forget it’s there.
    Chronic snorer – More than 6 months of use
  • I bought it for my husband and it’s worked really well for both of us; he doesn’t snore and I can sleep :)
    Less than 1 year of use
  • The results are amazing. We slept wonderfully and I feel as fresh as a daisy.
    Chronic snorer – Over 1 year of use